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Follow these four (4) simple steps to quickly create your working website

1)  Pick a website Template,

2)  Add the features you want,

3)  Customize with your own information.

4)  Use the Finish option to complete your new working website.

You can repeat steps 1-3 as many times as needed to make adjustments and instantly preview all of your new website pages.

Step 1 - Choosing a Template

Click on the Templates menu item to show the Template Selection Panel.

Use this screen to Search and find a template you like. Click on any template to begin. You will be able to change your template selection at any time.

Once you have chosen a template, you will see the New Website - Live Preview screen for the Template you have chosen.

The Live (working) Preview will update as you proceed though the steps. Click on the Live Preview menu to see all of your website pages.

Use the Desktop/Mobile icons to see how your website will appear on each of these devices.

Step 2 - Add Features

Adding features to your website is easy. From the Live Preview, click on the Features icon (wrench) to choose from these available options.

These features will add a new page to your website when chosen: Sell Products, Appointment Scheduling, Blogs, Event Calendar.

When you click the Back to Preview button, the Live Preview will be updated with your chosen features. Use the Live Preview menu to view all of your pages.

Step 3 - Customize

Add your personality and message to your new website using the Customize panel (pencil icon).

Here, you add your information and your messages to show on your website.

Choose a Category so we can help provide some initial wording and content for your site.

Finish/Create Website

To finish your website, you must create an account.

This account will become the administrator that can edit and manage the website.

For Username, it is recommended that you use your e-mail address so you receive site notifications such as when using the Contact Us feature.

Make up a Password and re-enter same to verify.

Click the Create Website button when you have completed this form. Note: Additional verifications are made at this time for required information. Please complete all required fields to create your website.

Try it NOW, it's so easy!

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